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Zubair Khan

Zubair Khan Is an filmmaker with one Director. when he was in the limelight Participate in reality show season 11 Bigg Boss. Let’s take a look at Zubair Khan’s age, details of his personal relationships, and other interesting facts.



Zubair Khan


Zubair Khan was born in August 25, 1987(31; same age as 2018) in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Zubair struggled as a young man.He was born into a poor family, and in order to support his family, Khan used to Theater selling rock candy Pahlaj Nihalani, NishatStill, he aspires to a life of luxury at some point in the future. Zubair dabbled in the filmmaking industry.Zubair Khan reportedly claimed to be Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Hasina Parker’s son-in-lawDuring the season 11 premiere of Bigg Boss, Zubair mentioned that he was the only one who let the public know of his existence despite coming from a family with ties to the underworld. While still on the show, he claims it was Hasina Parker and her family who forcibly married him to their daughter. Clearly, Zubair wants the public to know about him because of his films and the work he does, not because of his relationship with underworld family member Dawood Ibrahim. Later, reports emerged that Zubair claimed that he had nothing to do with Hasina Parker and further stated that his mother-in-law’s name was Nur Jahan.

family, caste, wife and children

Zubair Khan was born into an Islamic family.his wife’s name is Sana Khan. he was lucky two sonsMuhammad Ali, Mekher Khan, with Daughter – Maria Khan.

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Zubair Khan and his mother

Zubair Khan and his mother

Zubair Khan with his wife and children

Zubair Khan with his wife and children

Zubair Khan and his children

Zubair Khan and his children


Zubair Khan is Producer (Director, Producer) And work in the Indian film industry.He has a production company called ‘Rubbish’, He ran with his partner, Chandrapal Singh. sweatNotable for his filmsLakers Garfaker(2013), Starring former Bigg Boss contestant Ajaz Khan. He produced and directed the film.

Some reports also claim that Zubair Khan started out as a executive producer for Balaji TV Movies. Besides being a producer and director, he also claims to be reporter.

he Participate in Bigg Boss Season 11 but Evicted in the first week itself.

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Zubair Khan in Bigg Boss' house

Zubair Khan in Bigg Boss’ house


  • Zubair Khan is Arrested in February 2018 Mumbai police racketeering case. He was part of a gang that threatened and tried to extort Rs 1 crore from a businesswoman in Mumbai.


  • He said in an interview that he had nothing to do with Haseena parker & Dawood Ibrahim and it was just a misunderstanding caused by a news article.News Articles About Zubair Khan
  • He married him when his wife was only 12 years old.
  • In an interview with the national daily, he claimed the reality TV show Bigg Boss was fake and lashed out at Salman Khan.
  • He smokes and drinks alcohol.
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Zubair Khan - Smoking

Zubair Khan smoking

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