The term refers to the process whereby an artificial program or software ensures that there is no way someone can reasonably guess the combination of numbers or symbols. It is often abbreviated to RNG. Being able to generate truly random numbers is far more complex than one may think, in fact, it’s humanly impossible. 

Although this may seem a little complex when conducted by a machine or some kind of software, the truth is you can find random number generation can be found in the most rudimentary of objects.

For instance, dice are actually random number generator because there is virtually no way of knowing what numbers the dice will land on before they’ve stopped moving. 

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The same applies to a coin actually. When you flip a coin, there is no way of telling which side the coin will land on. There are two major differences between the coin and the dice though.

The coin is not the same on both sides as the printing of images may compromise the outcome and it only has 2 sides. This means there is a 50/50 chance of guessing. For online casinos, these odds just don’t work for them. The dice however have six sides which means the chance of correctly guessing the outcome becomes significantly harder and basically impossible to do without a ton of luck on your side.

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Almost everything we come across in the natural world is based on randomness. From the shapes of trees and clouds to mountain ranges and so much more.

Where is Random Number Generation Used 

Random Number Generation can be seen in just about every facet of our lives. When playing at an online casino for real money, you’ll find the software being used in just about every game. Slot machines are the perfect examples of machines that make use of random number generators.  

Machines at the casino are constantly being audited to ensure that they are in fact completely random. By using RNG software, players can be sure that the particular game they’re playing is indeed fair and has not been rigged. 

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It also helps casinos ensure that there is no fraud being committed by players or staff within the casino.

Another area where you wouldn’t expect the use of random generating software is in, which is in video games. They are used to control the movements and behavior of NPCs (Non-Playable Characters).

You may not realise the importance of random number generation, but it is vital to our safety online. When your data is sent across the web, it is encrypted with a random set of numbers. Once it reaches its destination it will need to be decrypted with the same key. It is essential for these encryption codes to be completely random to ensure their complete safety.

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In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, the need for online safety is of paramount importance. Just take a look at how many companies have been hacked due to their less than random security software.


This brings us to the next point, the birth of the supercomputer.

The processing of these supercomputers makes the typical RNG machine look like child’s play. These computers’ sheer ability and speed will totally change the cryptography. 

Because of their power, they are able to break codes using brute force in next to no time. Brute force refers to when a software program will run every possible code combination until it breaks the code.

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As you’ve now come to see, random number generation permeates every aspect of lives, basically. Our online safety is totally reliant on the use of RNGs, our entertainment such as casinos, and all the games they offer. Video games have become a multibillion-dollar industry and are used by a massive portion of the population.

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