It doesn’t matter whether you bought a logo from an designer or made it by yourself, you will need to upload the right dimension of the logo (and the favicon) to a websiteor social media platform, or use the logo for printing or simply change the size. Learn to select the correct size in this post. And you create a great logo using Turbologo online designer.

What is a logo?

The term logo refers to a simple graphic symbol that is used to represent a particular business brand, organization web site, product or even an individual. The primary goals of modern logos is their recognition and remembrance for the intended audience. an logo must be, at same time, unique and simple to remember. Nowadays, there is numerous logos around the globe.

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The range of their use is huge You can design logos for your website and then use it on printed materials, products including their containers, billboards, signs and so on. Ideally they should be displayed next to every reference to your company to make it appear with it in the minds of the consumers.

Even though the logo may not include a font (only an image) the logo still has an enduring association with the company. So, the quality of the logo must be exceptional as a badly designed logo is not just unlikely to be remembered but create an unfavourable impression to your customers.

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The logo’s primary functions

If you want to get a premium badge, it is essential to understand the functions it serves. A well-designed logo has an intricate effect that performs multiple functions in one. Particularly:

  • It makes the company and its items or offerings more easily identifiable and creates a positive corporate image, and increases the degree of customer loyalty
  • Differentiates the brand from rivals and helps them to differentiate themselves from competitors, emphasizes its advantages and features and is frequently used for marketing purposes.
  • Guards against counterfeit products and confirms that the company is the owner of its innovations, and guarantees the originality of their source and top quality;
  • It is the base and primary visual element of the overall branding of the brand Therefore, its design is worthy of special consideration.
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There are currently three primary kinds of logos and they differ in terms of their structure and the set of parts.

The primary criterion for separating contemporary logos from their design and design. They may include an icon, or a single ink mark, or both of both.


Vector formats

AI — Adobe Illustrator

The .Ai vector file format created by Adobe lets you preserve the logo in the original layout All parts of the logo including icons and text, can be edited. To view your logo’s Ai format, you’ll require special software, like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW.

In the majority of instances, you can alter the text of this format. It is compatible with the following software like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW. You will need to alter your original logo.

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PostScript EPS – Encapsulated PostScript

Required for superior quality printing of logos: it allows you to increase the size of the logo without sacrificing quality It is also possible to combine the vector and raster image elements. However, editing logos in EPS format can be much more complicated than editing it the Ai format.

Open using: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Inkscape. Print-ready media, and scaling for printing.

PDF Portable Document Format

It is the .PDF Vector format provides a useful format because it renders the layouts of all fonts, pages as vector and bitmap files in the same way. It is compatible using Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader and Preview. Edited by software such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Inkscape. Its functions include image viewing as well as printing.

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Raster formats

PNG Portable Network Graphics

PNG is an ideal design format that is ideal for logos. It’s able to “compress” files without distortion. PNG was developed in order to substitute GIF images, that contain the 256 colors. Open using Photoshop (handy to edit) as well as any other editor. It is used Printing and web graphics (300 dpi)

.JPG or .JPEG JPG /.JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group

JPEG is one of the popular image format that is used on the internet. Its JPEG logo has been compressed which makes the files load more quickly. In addition, with JPEG format you can save your images in high-quality, and which is not much different from vector graphics. Open it in Photoshop for editing, or to look at – or any other software. Features: Web images as well as printing (300 DPI).

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TIFF – Tagged Image Format Format

What format should I save the logo?

The format of saving will depend on how you intend to utilize the logo.

“Minimum set” of logo formats

You must have an image file that conforms to one of the formats below:

  • .Ai allows you to modify the logo. Change the color background, color, size;
  • .EPS or .PDF Printing;
  • .PNG is a format to print and work online on using the Internet (for the website or social pages, and other sites). It is essential to have a copy of your logo PNG with transparent background to use it as the header of the website as well as on business cards or even as a watermark for the photo.
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That’s all! We hope that the info that we have provided will assist you in choosing the best format to save the logo. Best of luck!

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