A female voice narrating a product or helping customers over calls, or assisting with their queries are some well-known examples of the female voice-over we witness daily. Enterprises often prefer female voices because of the high pitch and the assertion of assurance that it provides. Although there are a lot of female voice-over professionals out there who record voices for product marketing and other narration purposes, applications, and that convert text to audio are the most beneficial ones. This article will talk about some top female Text to Speech (TTS software) and female voice-changer services and apps available.

Top female voice-based TTS applications to convert text to audio

All modern businesses know that fruitfully engaging customers in this cut-throat competitive market are vital to staying ahead. Every customer interacts with different brands, and therefore, to engage them with video content, having a proper voice-over, is a must. Here is a list of services and apps that can help you create or convert text to audio with a female voice changer feature.

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It is versatile AI-based realistic TTS software that helps to convert text to audio through a few simple steps. Since it leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to render human-like natural voices, it has gained popularity in the TTS software and service industry. It caters to 120+ AI-based 100% natural sounding voices for creating professional voice-over for presentations, videos, animations, trailers, product showcases, etc. Also, It provides a female voice changer feature and can deliver voices in 20 different languages. It offers individual and enterprise-level services. Furthermore, it converts text to audio files in MP3, WAV, and FLAC formats. It has both free and paid versions.

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It is another robust TTS software for home and office purposes. It has a simple interface to upload documents or texts, and this tool instantly converts text to audio (mp3) that you can listen to anywhere and anytime. Its free version is compatible with Word documents, PDF, web pages, and other file formats. It also supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which can scan your text and convert it into digital text so that users can listen to the audio. Its paid service offers six different voices, including a female voice changer option. It also caters to real-time spelling checks for strengthening the sentences used to convert text to audio.

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Amazon Polly:

It is an AI-powered TTS software created by the e-commerce giant Amazon. It helps to convert texts into realistic voices. Enterprises and individuals can leverage Polly to develop apps, website content reading solutions, and other voice-enabled products. Amazon Polly also offers a female voice changer so that users can enjoy both male and female voice variations. This tool caters to 47 voice variations in 24 different languages.


It is another text-to-speech software that converts text to audio files in numerous file formats like MP3, WAV, OGG, AIFF, WMA, ALAW, VOX, ULAW, etc. It also allows individuals to work on multiple devices. This open-source TTS program has a female voice changer and enables users to enable voices even from chat applications. It offers text-to-speech conversion in 30 different languages. It also serves TTS APIs and SDKs that developers can integrate into their applications.

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It also provides high-quality text to audio conversion that enterprises and individuals can use in various TTS technology. Also, It helps audio engineers and designers generate audio files using state-of-the-art TTS technology. It has an easy-to-use interface and offers a female voice changer option to convert text to female voices. This speech production solution comes in two distinct flavors: Self-service and custom proposal. It caters to 40 different voices in 20 different languages. Companies and individuals use it for e-learning, training, IVR systems, reading guides, creating telephony prompts, movies, and animation purposes.

NextUp Talker:

Another free and robust text-to-speech software to help convert text to audio is the NextUp Talker. It has multilingual support and can easily convert sentences and phrases to audio. NextUp Talker allows users to create an unlimited number of phrases and sentences and provides an easy conversion interface. It is well-known among vocal impairments. It has both trials and paid versions. Enterprises can also use it for creating customer assistant recordings in both male and female voices. 

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We hope this article has given you a clear idea of some top female voice-based TTS software and services. Female voices often play a significant role in virtual assistance and call center automation services. Therefore, many enterprises prefer to integrate female voices for text to audio conversion. is one of the top-rated TTS software to create realistic natural sounding voices.

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