Tiny Texie (TikToker) (born 25 January 1992) is an entrepreneur, a YouTuber, and one of the most successful social media influencers of our time. 


Tiny Texie (TikToker) (born 25 January 1992) is an entrepreneur, a YouTuber, and one of the most successful social media influencers of our time. 

With over 460k fans on Instagram and over 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, her influence knows no bounds. TikTok from all over the world look up to her as an idol in the digital space. A virtual rock star who has managed to stay relevant. Even as the platform changes direction by the minute.

Tiny Texie Biography

Texie is a 30-year-old YouTuber and social media influencer. She is also known for her appearances on the series Make Me Famous. Which has garnered a sizable following as well. Until then, you can watch her life unfold on YouTube and Instagram. She refuses to share such personal information in these posts. 

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 Her net worth comes from the various businesses that she owns. She started by launching a hair extension line and later diversified into a lifestyle brand that includes clothing and makeup lines. In addition to her businesses. She promotes several other brands on her social media accounts which have helped boost her net worth considerably.

Tiny Texie Family Members

Texie’s siblings and parents are not disclosed by herself. Texie is a pretty decent family girl, who also takes care of her family members. She takes proper care of her health and works out in the gym as well to make her body sexy. Little information is available about her brothers and sisters except that she hasn’t disclosed any sibling names or related details yet. 

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 Texie is just a normal girl who lives in California with her family members. She has a good healthy body and she looks pretty charming with her smile. There is not much information about Texie’s personal life except that she is living with her family as of now. 

In her childhood life, she belongs to a Christian family. She was brought up by her parents at that time without any siblings in her family. At present, she spends most of her time with friends. While living in San Jose California with her family members. 

Tiny Texie Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Tiny’s body measurements are currently unknown. Her zodiac sign is Aries. She holds an American nationality. Her religion is Christian. She wears a 32D bra size. She had inherited a beautiful body from her parents. The people on social media find Tiny very beautiful. She loves to wear dresses and every time she looks like a doll in those dresses.’

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Her hair is dark and her eyes are dark at midnight. Your zodiac sign is Aquarius. Born in Texas, USA. The names of his father and mother are unknown. She also has brothers. She has a very good education at school. It has a good structure. 

Tiny Texie Educational Qualification

She did her schooling at Holy Cross High School in Abilene and completed her graduation from Texas Tech University. After that, she pursued a Master’s degree in Health and Human Performance at Texas Tech University. Moreover, she got a chance to study abroad. 

When she went to Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom. She graduated there too. And after finishing her studies. She started working as Assistant Professor in Kinesiology and Nutrition department at New Mexico State University, USA. 

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Furthermore, her father worked as an attorney at the Santa Fe Office of General Counsel for the New Mexico Department of Transportation. Her mother also works for Judiciary for New Mexico as a District Court Judge who presides over traffic cases. In addition, she has two sisters, one younger and one older. As far as his ethnicity is concerned, she is American. 

Tiny Texie Girlfriend

Tiny Texie girlfriendTiny Texie girlfriend

Tiny is dating Anastasia and they are still going strong. She had initially dated another makeup artist named Ingrid. They began dating in September 2014 but got broken up in May 2016. Tiny is bisexual and she was born as a man into a family of pot farmers but transitioned at age 20. 

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They have often been called upon to justify their relationship. This is what they had to say: People always ask us. If we are worried about our parents being upset that we are dating someone who used to be a man. My mom loves me no matter what, and my dad accepts me for who I am. Tiny says that she loves her body now more than ever before because it’s unique and special. 

She also says that she hopes other people will see her as an inspiration in their own lives. Ingrid said that she was attracted by Tiny’s personality first. But then fell in love with her once they started dating. She also said that she had initially thought about breaking up with Tiny. Because of her transition but decided against it. Because there was nothing wrong with it as long as both parties were happy about it.

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Tiny Taxie Favorite Things

  • When it comes to what Tiny Taxie loves most in life. 
  • We’re sad to say she has no time for anything but her music career. 
  • She’s known to spend hours and hours of her day on YouTube watching vlogs from up-and-coming musical artists like herself.  
  • And that doesn’t even include her live performances or rehearsals.
  • In addition to being a self-proclaimed ‘die hard’ K-pop fan.
  • Tik Toker also enjoys visiting other fellow female YouTubers as well as their videos.
  • However, when she is not busy doing any of these things. 
  • She can be found catching up with friends over some pizza or ice cream at her favorite hangout spots.
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Tiny Taxie Hobbies

  • She is also interested in sports. 
  • Her Instagram page has more than six million followers who follow her every move on Snapchat. 
  • where she also posts tons of photos and videos that show how much fun
  • She is having while working on her cooking skills as well as how serious she takes dance classes. 
  • Where you can find links to all of her social media pages. 
  • Along with links to some very useful websites related to dancing, cooking, and sports. 
  • That can help any aspiring dancer learn new skills or just have fun in their spare time.
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Tiny Texie Career

Tiny Texie modelTiny Texie model

Before coming to social media, she used to participate in many competitions. She also used to win many awards from different pageants in her hometown. Her videos have got a huge number of views on YouTube and Instagram, which is quite impressive for any person who uses social media frequently. Her net worth is around $500,000. 

Even though she was born in the United States, Texas to support her parents. She used to win many awards from different pageants in her hometown. To fulfill her educational needs. She used to join summer courses for learning English and Mathematics. She also used to play piano in these competitions. Even though she is not too tall when it comes to her height but has a perfect weight and shape for a model. 

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Her figure was curvy enough that easily caught the attention of many male fan followers during the early age of 14 years. As they are just social media personalities and popular due to different things they post on their profiles. Rather than creating any actual impact or change in them or using any other common means available now or ever so far.

Before Fame

TikTok is a free-to-use social media app that allows users to create short videos with special effects and soundtracks. Born in 1992, TikTok is an internet celebrity who’s gained fame for her dancing abilities. She’s also become known for her small stature. She’s currently one of the smallest adults in the world at 2’4 and 24 pounds. Her mother Tiny had her at 14 years old when she was only 16 herself.  

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 Her childhood was difficult as she was born with underdeveloped lungs and her family struggled financially. TikTok’s father left when she was young and Tiny had a hard time supporting TikTok and her older brother Tyler. She grew up in Atlanta, Georgia where she attended school for only two years before dropping out to work full-time. 

Tiny Texie Trivia

All of Tiny’s nicknames and aliases date back to elementary school. At dinner one night when she was young, she exclaimed that she wanted a bagel instead of a dinner roll

Her parents started calling her Little Texie, which soon turned into Little Texie, or TikToker for short. As an adult with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. who liked Tiny and were curious about what kind of personality was behind all those cute pictures?

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Why is Tiny Texie Tiny?

Tiny TexieTiny Texie

While her height is often reported to be 1 foot 8 inches or 4.5 feet, she said in an interview that she was 5’2 in high school and her height seems to have stayed consistent until now. Tiny’s condition can be inherited genetically, meaning that it might run in her family. We could see more tiny humans pop up over time. It’s also very possible that there are other little people around us. 

Their stories just haven’t been told yet. In addition to acting on-screen, tiny works as a motivational speaker as well. 

Though she can be a role model for others. Tiny also understands that being unique and different is not always easy. She went through depression in her teens due to being picked on by peers. At times, it was hard for her to open up to people about how she felt because of others’ preconceived notions about little people. 

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This led her to spend less time in public and more time with family. Despite all of that, tiny finds strength in who she is as a person and loves meeting new people every day. Who enjoys her company regardless of what they might have heard from other people or seen on television before? As long as you can look past appearances and get to know someone else. As a person instead of looking at them through a stereotypical lens based on their appearance alone.

Tiny Texie Net Worth

Instagram publishes Salafi about fashion and lifestyle. Its net worth is estimated at approximately $ 500,000. Instagram often posts Salafi about fashion and lifestyle. Your sponsors help cover costs and marketing costs.

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By now you have already heard about TikTok at least once. Because it has gone viral and is used by a large group of people.

Social Networks

Texie, which has more than 1.6 million TikTok followers and more than 460,000 Instagram followers, is an influential social media user. TikTok @tinytexieofficial has a large following. She also loves dogs and cats.

We can’t just talk about Texies OnlyFans, not to mention more than 2 million different fan bases on social networking platforms. 

She has a YouTube channel called Tiny Texie with 26.8 thousand subscribers. When shooting the most popular video from a gun.

Fun Facts About Tiny Texie

Tiny TexieTiny Texie
  • You may not know who She is yet, but if you’re a fan of Twitch or esports. 
  • Then you’re going to be hearing more about her in 2022. 
  • While she made her name streaming DOTA 2
  • She also competes in tournaments across a variety of different titles. 
  • She’s a talented gamer and her hard work has paid off. 
  • A Dota 2 tournament with a prize pool of over 1 million dollars. 
  • At age 20 she already has quite an impressive resume. 
  • As she continues to stream on Twitch, I’m sure we’ll see it grow even more over time.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Tiny Texie

Who is little Texie?

She is a native and adult viewer in Corpus Christi, Texas. 

How big is little Texie?

The taxi is only 3 feet 6 inches tall.

How much money does She have?

$ 500,000 (approximately)

What happened to Little Texie?

Little Texie has Kenny-Caffe syndrome, a rare disease that causes short stature and thickening.

Is it true that there is a child in little Texas?

Little Texie has a son.


Being from a small town in Texas makes someone unique and extremely popular. The eyes of each person will be on you every time you walk down an empty street or show up to one of your high school classes. People will look at you differently because they know that it’s not easy for someone like you to make it out of such a rural place alive. You have been through so much more than most people could ever imagine. But with all those challenges come great lessons that can help you succeed even further in life. 

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Now that She is becoming a famous social media starlet. There is no telling how far she can go with her career. She has already shown us that she has what it takes to become successful by breaking free from her hometown while only being 18 years old. It’s amazing how far she has come since then and we cannot wait to see what else she has planned for herself.

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