What is a Snapchat score, and how can you make it higher? If you want to be at the top of your Snapchat game, it’s crucial to know them all. Know how Snapchat keeps your social score up every time you use it.

With 300+ million active users worldwide, Snapchat has never been more popular since its introduction back in 2011. The social media giant has drawn the youth towards it every passing day as it features a plethora of attractive and vibrant elements such as Snapstreaks, Snapchat icons, video calls, DMs, and more.

One such feature that has been a hot topic among Snapchat users is the Snapchat score. What does a high Snap score indicate? We will get into all that and more in this article. Keep scrolling to know more about how to get your Snap score up.

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What is a Snapchat Score?

Snapchat score is a feature introduced to keep its user base engaged for a prolonged time. Snapchat allots its users a specific score that goes up every time the app is used. It’s a way to encourage users to get on the app more frequently, solely to get a high Snap score. 

Your Snapchat score depends on the number of snaps you receive and send, along with other activities you engage in, be it posting stories or maintaining streaks with friends. Simply put, if you sport a high Snap score, it indicates that you are a regular and frequent Snapchat user. The score is a reward for keeping yourself connected to the app.

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How is Snapchat Score Calculated?

How your Snapchat score is calculated is also an answer to getting your Snap score up. All of it leads to one simple fact: just use it more. Your Snapchat score is calculated by weighing in the amount of time you spend on the app, the number of activities you engage in, and the frequency at which you do so. 

If you want to have a higher Snapchat score, simply keep opening the app more frequently, sending snaps, maintaining streaks, posting stories, and voila, you’ll see your Snapchat score climb up the charts real soon.

How to Check Your Snap Score?

Snapchat ScoreSnapchat Score

Now that you know how the Snapchat score is calculated, you might as well ask: how to get more Snap scores? Before we get into that, it’s more important to get something else out of the way- how to check Snap scores? Let’s find out.

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Viewing your Snapchat score is quite simple and easy. It does not take any of your time and is easily navigable. Here’s the more interesting part: you can also view your friends’ Snapchat scores. But, more on that later. First, let’s see how you can find your Snapchat score:

  1. Open ‘Snapchat’ and tap on the Bitmoji icon at the top-left corner. 
  2. On the Profile screen, see your Snapchat score right next to the ghost icon.
  3. For a detailed overview of the score, click on the ghost icon. You can now see all the stats for the number of snaps sent and exchanged.
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Note that you cannot get your Snap score by simply adding the number of snaps received and sent. So, that is as clear an indication as any that other factors also come into play to decide the score allotted.

How to Check Your Friend’s Snap Score?

Snapchat ScoreSnapchat Score

You can also check your friends’ Snapchat scores, as we mentioned before. The way to do that is just as simple as checking your own score. We are social beings, and curiosity always gets the best of us. So, for those of you looking for the Snapchat scores of your friend(s), here’s how to do that:

  1. Open the ‘Snapchat’ app, and go to the chat tab from the navigation bar at the bottom. 
  2. Open the conversation window of the person whose Snapchat score you want to view.
  3. Click on their name at the top to navigate to their profile. That’s where you will see the Snapchat score of your friend.
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Note that you will not be able to view the detailed stats of the snaps exchanged by your friend on their profile screen. This is a mandatory measure to address safety and privacy concerns. 

Now, as for how to increase your Snap score, keep reading.

How to Increase Your Snap Score?

Snapchat ScoreSnapchat Score

If you are looking for ways to get a high Snap score, you are in the right place. Here we have listed 6 different ways to get your Snapchat score up. Take a look:

1. Maintain Snapstreaks 

One of the best and easiest ways to get your high Snap score even higher is to maintain Snap Streaks with friends. Make sure you send at least one snap every day and that the exchange keeps going on for a prolonged period. This is a sure-shot way to increase your Snapchat score. 

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However, let’s say you had to disengage with the app for a while due to an emergency or even an exam- what happens to your streak? We have good news for you. According to Devsjournal, you can get your labor of love back within 24 hours! 

2. Send More Snaps Instead of Text

Want to simply text a friend something over WhatsApp, DM, or plain old cellular SMS? Try switching it up with snaps instead, and voila, you have a regular flow of snaps to boost your Snapchat score without even trying. 

This is a rather efficient way to increase your Snapchat score without much hassle. Just remember to use snaps as your go-to interaction medium. As long as you use Snapchat’s services daily, you are good to go!

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3. Post Stories on Snapchat

Posting stories is a great way to keep up your Snapchat score. Make it a point to post frequent stories on your profile so that the development team knows that you are an active user and rewards you for the same. 

You can post stories of your agenda, important or memorable daily events, meet-ups, and trips, or just a general OOTD or pictures of your meals. There are tons of things you do in a day that can be made into a story. So, if a high Snap score is on your agenda, a little effort will go a long way.

4. Add Snaps to Stories

Thinking of posting a story? Add a snap to it, and bam- one more point to your Snapchat score! Since DMs don’t help you bag credits, snaps are the way to go. To add snaps to your stories, follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap the ‘Send’ arrow.
  2. Select the ‘My Story’ circle in the upper-left corner of the screen to add the snap to your story.
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This barely takes any effort but goes a long way in building your Snapchat score. This is an effective way to keep up the score without trying a lot.

5. Expand Your Friend List

While making friends might not seem like a viable way to increase your Snapchat score, it is a social media app, after all! Of course, you are rewarded for connecting with more people. In fact, Reddit includes pages to help Snapchat users find others. 

If you wonder how to raise Snap scores, adding more friends is as good a way as any. You may consider looking up popular Snapchat personalities and following them to increase your friend count. 

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6. Use Other Snapchat Features 

By now, it is fairly understandable that the only way to shoot your Snapchat score up is to engage more with the app. While we have already discussed the option to post stories, add friends, send snaps, and maintain streaks, there still remain many other features offered by the app that, if used, can help you get a higher Snapchat score.

Explore Snapchat Discover, Games, Spotlight, and similar miscellaneous fun elements to keep the regular dose of engagement going. This way, not only can you get a kick out of all the Snapchat features, but you also unintentionally boost your Snapchat score.

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With the popularity of Snapchat skyrocketing, it’s not going to surprise anyone if other competitive platforms also catch up to this trend and put in place their own ways to keep score (literally). If this sounds like a dialed-down version of Black Mirror’s Nosedive, that’s because it is.

Snapchat scores are a great way for the social media giant to ensure engagement, and hey, if people are talking about it, they are successful in reaching their target! We hope we got all your doubts about Snapchat scores cleared. Keep them flowing!

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