We are moving toward change from the old traditional way to the new technology world. As you must be aware, the cat is among the toughest exams in India, and it needs your dedication, attention, consistency, and discipline in the study. However, data says that online classes are more efficient for students preparing for CAT than offline classes.


Benefits of Online Classes 

There are a few benefits of how online classes are helpful for students instead offline courses :


  • Flexibility – In traditional ways or offline classes, students have to continuously attend class at the regular time for 5-6 hours daily. It’s pretty impossible to remain concentrated for a long time. However, at the same time, online classes help students to have flexible time where students can have convenient timetables according to their day-to-day routine. It makes learning more effective as they can concentrate on studying more and save their time.
  • More budget-friendly – When we compare offline and online courses to offline courses according to the budget, we find out that offline methods for CAT are more costly with minimal resources. However, the online courses are more budget-friendly. They provide access to the study material 24/7. Also, some learning platforms provide students with free classes for more than one week, which helps them understand and analyze the best online learning platform they want to join according to their pocket.
  • For students who work – as most of the students who appear for CAT are in jobs, they do coaching after their shift in the evening or night, but if you prefer to go after your shift, it will be impossible to sit so long and concentrate in offline classes. Therefore online courses are way better, where they can attend classes on weekends or at night or in the morning according to their preferences. They can easily login through the LMS portal after their work.
  • Mocks – talking about offline classes, they have limited teachers for every subject, whereas in the online classes minimum of 3-4 tutor areas are available for every topic. Additionally, they also provide features like recorded videos, live classes, and mock tests after every topic based on the pattern of the cat examination. Whereas in offline classes, there are minimal resources, and they do take tests but not at such frequent intervals.
  • Performance analysis – An online platform helps students analyze their performance by comparing it at the national level. It helps students to know where they stand. Performance analysis helps them understand their weaknesses and ensure that they can do exceptionally well in the exam.
  • Observations – As in a traditional classroom, there are numerous students present in the single classroom it’s impossible to concentrate on a single student for teachers. In contrast, there are few students in the online class, so it is easy for the teachers to analyze the students and motivate them from time to time.
  • Doubt classes – there are doubt classes available for students in online classes, such as recorded videos or live interaction, which help them clear their doubts on the same point it arises and makes students stress-free. However, offline classes lack these quick doubt resolutions practice.
  • Study material – in online classes or e-learning, the material is affordable and easy to carry. Students can read it wherever they wish to, either during traveling or during office breaks. The teacher usually follows the practice of making notes in offline classes, and it’s not possible to carry them everywhere.
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Hence, online study is better for students preparing for the CAT exam. Remember, at last, you have to be consistent and disciplined to score well in the exam. Different online platforms have a school management software to manage all the data correctly with less manual labor involvement.

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