The GATE organising authority announced the GATE 2022 results. Candidates can log in using their enrolment id/email id and password. On the official website,, students can access the GATE 2022 login. GATE 2022 login is used to apply for GATE 2022, download admission cards, and check GATE 2022 results, among other things. GATE 2022 will be held online by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur. Candidates should be aware that there is no fee for registering for GATE 2022. Candidates must enter their enrolment id and password to log in. Scroll down to learn how to register, what GATE 2022 login is used for, what to do if candidates forget their login details, and much more.

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Uses of GATE Login

The GATE 2022 login can be utilised at any point during the admissions process. From the registration process until the result check activity, the login facility is available. So, these are the scenarios in which we can leverage the GATE candidate login. Candidates can use the login feature to complete the following tasks.

  • Registration for GATE 2022
  • Download the GATE 2022 admission card
  • To download GATE Answer Key and Response Sheet
  • Examining the GATE 2022 score
  • To download GATE Scorecard

What is GOAPS?

The GATE Online Application Processing System (GOAPs) is the official online registration gateway for the GATE Exam. Any candidate who successfully registers on the GOAPS will be given a unique enrollment ID and password to use while filling out the GATE application form. Candidates can log in to the GOAPS portal to view their results and response sheet.

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GATE 2022 Registration

Candidates must first register on the GOAPS website with a mobile number or an email address. Interested candidates must submit their applications before the deadline. Following registration, candidates will receive an email or a text message with their registration number as well as a password, which they must keep for future reference.

How to Check Application Status?

After submitting the application form, students can monitor its status. If there are any problems in the submitted form, a message will appear asking the candidate to correct them. Visit this site to read more on GATE login.

Importance of GATE Previous Years’ Question Papers

You will need example papers to prepare for the GATE test because they are the only way to receive complete knowledge about the exam. The model papers will be available on the official website, and you will be given model papers for all branches.

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The organisation has given these papers so that all students can adequately prepare for the examination. Model papers for all of your disciplines are available online. On the internet portal, candidates may also acquire their model papers based on their respective branches.

Highlights of Last Session GATE Exam

If candidates are planning to take the GATE exam, they should review the exam pattern. IIT Bombay has chosen to keep the objective-type questions in GATE 2021. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Multiple Select Questions (MSQ), and Numerical Answer Type Questions were all included in the GATE 2021 Question Paper (NAT). Read more on GATE 2021 here.

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